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Zyclone / wild coaster

The Coach Soars up the crest into the blue sky – then slowly rounds the top giving the passenger a moment to freeze before plunging down a steep drop and gaining back its height before the blink of an eye and again to make them recall goes for a small drop and then rolls for two circles and enters back its Platform dashingly – causing passengers to well and screem “to their hearts content”


Wild Coaster 9M Wild Coaster 12M
Area required16M x 36M16M x 36M
Capacity per /Hr480 Per /Hour392 Per /Hour
ConstructionPermanent Park/Mobile ParkPermanent Park/Mobile Park
Drive typeChain Pickup /GravitationalChain Pickup /Gravitational
LoadingSingle CarSingle Car
Loading / Unloading time Speed50 Seconds60 Seconds
No. of Coaches3 x 4 Persons3 x 4 Persons
Power for Drive7.5 K.W10 K.W
Power of Lighting2 K.W2 K.W
Ride Time40 Seconds60 Seconds
Seating Capacity 12 Adults12 Adults
Track Height 9M12M
Track Length210 M290M


Specification might have slight variation due to further improvement in R&D without any further notice.

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