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Polipo / octopus

Polipo / Octopus ride has a column which rotates at a high speed and the arms attached to it moves up & down with the crafts hung at the end of each arm. The bodies cross each other as they go in full circle. Its thrilling fun ride, which has the movement of Octopus.


24 Seater 40 Seater
Age GroupAdult RideAdult Ride
Dia of Ride18 M18 M
Fence Area Required22 M22 M
Light Load6 K.W9.5 K.W
Loading & Unloading Platform8 Persons at a Time8 Persons at a Time
Motionsclockwise Rotation of All 5 Arms (Gear Drive) clockwise Rotation of All 5 Arms (Gear Drive)
No. of Crafts12 Nos.20 Nos.
Power Required33 K.W41 K.W
Ride Time120 Sec.120 Sec.
Ride Time & Loading/unloading 90 Sec. 90 Sec.
Seating Capacity 24 Adults40 Adults


Specifications might have slight variation due to further improvement in R&D without any further Notice.

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